What can Fing Desktop do?

The main function of Fing Desktop is to help troubleshoot your network in a more powered and accurate way than the current Fing mobile app by offering better troubleshooting tools & functionalities to help achieve this.

Here some of the new features available on the Fing Desktop:

  • ‘Health Check Report’: a feature which is exclusively available on Fing Desktop. It provides a check up on the ‘health’ of the network in order to identify possible alerts or warnings. The Fing Desktop runs a constant monitoring of your network and sends you automatic notifications in case something goes wrong.

You also get basic information on how to solve your connection issues through a first level help. By clicking               on the ‘Question Mark’ icon to the right of each report, you can expand  a more detailed explanation of the               status, offering a ‘Technical definition’, ‘What it means for me’ and ‘How I can this’ (see below):



  • ‘Share – Get advice’: is an option that allows you to share your network issues with friends and the Fing Community. In this way, you can get advice from experienced people to help solve your problem.


  • Speed Test and Level One Troubleshooting: resembling the Fing App features while using more optimised tools.


  • ISP details: such as weekly outage rates, ratings and reviews, comparison of different providers, best performances in your country.


  • Notifications: of connectivity issues and widespread Internet outages for your Home ISP

With the addition of Fing Desktop, the Fing Suite provides a complete set of network troubleshooting tools. With more features to come, make sure to keep an eye out on our social media and community forum pages for any news from the Fing world.


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