Can I block devices using the Fing network scanning app?

So, you’ve discovered an unknown device on your network that you’d like to block? Although the free Fing app gives you visibility over every device connected to your Internet, you unfortunately cannot block devices using the app alone.

The problem with the Fing mobile app is that the phone hosting it doesn’t sit on your home network all the time. Mobile devices come and go from your home, or spend time turned off.

Imagine only having a front door on your house for a few hours each day – for large parts of the day anyone could just walk in and out. This is the same for device blocking – as soon as the Fing app leaves your Internet (i.e. you take your phone out with you), the blocked device would be free to get in again.

To block an intruder from your Internet you need a device that has a full-time presence on the network – this way it can stop unwanted intruders 24/7.

Having the ability to block devices from an app alone would also be dangerous. If an intruder broke into your WiFi they could use the app to start blocking you from your own Internet.

The power to block devices from your network has to be exclusive to you.

Have no fear though – we at Fing have the solution!

So how can I block devices from using my Internet?

To tackle the issue of 24/7 presence and blocking-power exclusivity, we created Fingbox!

Fingbox is a network security toolkit for home networks that acts as the hardware add-on to the free Fing app.

As well as adding many additional network security and WiFi troubleshooting features to the app, Fingbox sits on your network 24/7 so you can permanently block devices.

And device blocking is very easy.

If a new device joins your network you will receive an alert in real-time. You can then go into the app to either acknowledge the device if you know it, or block it if you don’t.

You can also go into your devices list and select known devices to block. This can be useful if you have a child who is on their Xbox when they are meant to be in bed!

What’s more, Fingbox has more than one way in which you can block devices, so you can use this feature for both security and for parental control:

  • Permanent Device Block – permanently blocks a device from having access to the whole of your network. E.g. an intruder
  • Internet Pause – temporarily blocks a device from having access to the Internet, but allows it to communicate via WiFi with other devices in your network. E.g. stops your child accessing the Internet during homework time, but allows them to print their work to the wireless printer
  • Scheduled Internet Pause – allows you to schedule regular paused Internet sessions on devices. E.g. every weeknight from 8pm-8am, when your child is meant to be in bed.

If you have any further questions about device blocking with Fingbox we would love to hear from you on our Fing Community


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