KRACK Attack Detection Feature

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KRACK Attack Detection Feature

The Fingbox Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS) detects Evil Twin Access Points, which is a fundamental part of detecting and stopping KRACK attacks. This feature will alert you about different kinds of attacks which leverage Evil Twin Access Points.

WIDS is automatic and you do not need to set up this feature. You can adjust whether you receive these alerts via push notifications and/or emails in you settings.

What to do if Fingbox identifies an Evil Twin Access Point

If Fingbox identifies an Evil Twin Access Point you should take immediate action:

  • Turn off your Wi-Fi network equipment for 15 minutes. Ensure to turn off or disable Wi-Fi from all client devices, including mobile phones, laptops, etc. Restart networking and check if the Evil Twin Access Point still appears.
  • If the problem persists contact Fing support to check if it is a false alarm. This is unlikely because Fing tests against false alarms. As such, keep your devices disconnected from the network until it has been investigated.

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