Does the Fing App work on Android 10?

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Does the Fing App work on Android 10?

Yes. The Fing App works on Android 10.

By default, devices running on Android 10 send randomized MAC addresses on each network they connect to and block access to the table of MAC addresses. In some instances, this limits the Fing App's ability to display the full device details.

Change the MAC address type

If you do not change the MAC address type, you will see the MAC addresses on the Device detail page but when you re-scan, the scan will switch to IP-based. The app will not be able to tell if the IP address is still assigned to the old MAC address, so the MAC addresses will get discarded and you will not see any.

To change the MAC address type:

  • On Android 10, open Settings and click Connections
  • Click Wi-Fi
  • Click the settings icon to the right of the Wi-Fi
  • Click View more, scroll down and click MAC address type
  • Select Phone MAC (change the MAC address type from Randomised MAC to Phone MAC)

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