Google Assistant: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Do I need to have a Google Account for using Fing Assistant?

Currently, Fing Assistant works with a Google, Facebook or Fing Account. To open Fing Assistant, you need to install Google Assistant. If you do not have a Fing Account, one will automatically be created.

What can Fing Assistant do?

Fing Assistant can check for and suggest the best ISP in your area and any other location. Fing Assistant can also check the Internet Performance and pause/block a user.

Can I use Fing Assistant with Siri or Alexa instead of Google Assistant?

No. Currently, Fing Assistant can only be used with Google Assistant.

Can I use Fing Assistant with Google Home Smart devices?

Yes. You can set routines and these routines will be performed by Google Smart Home devices, such as informing you who is online at particular times.

Can Fing Assistant perform speed test on my network?

Fing Assistant can tell you about the last speed test and your Internet performance. However, Fing Assistant cannot do an active speed test against your network.

Can Fing Assistant detect the presence of a user’s device?

Fing Assistant can tell you about a user's device which is online at Home, in your Office, or wherever your Fingbox is running actively. However, Fing Assistant cannot currently perform Digital Presence or Digital Fence. You still need to use the Fing App for these features.

Can Fing Assistant can provide a Wi-Fi performance report of my Fingbox Network?

Fingbox can provide the Wi-Fi Performance of your network, but currently cannot send you a report through Fing Assistant.

Can I delete or unlink my Fing account by Fing Assistant?

Fingbox support for IFTTT, Zapier and Google Assistant is currently on hold; we are discussing the integration with several partners in the Smart Home integration arena and we intend to resume it along with new functionalities. Pre-existing IFTTT integrations are preserved, but at this time we cannot active new connections and applets.

Can Google Assistant notify me about Internet Outages?

Yes. Google Assistant can notify you about your ISP's Internet outages.

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