Can I change the network display name?

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Yes. You can change the network display name.
To do this on Fing Mobile App:
Click Overview in the bottom toolbar
To do this on Fing Desktop:
    • Click on Home tab.
    • Tap on the arrow beside the header where the name of your internet provider is displayed:
    • The following display will appear:


  • Choose the ‘Network’ tab at the top of the display
  • To change the name of the Network, click ‘Edit’ beside the current Network name (in the example above, the Network name is ‘Fing Wif-Fi’)

If you edit any of the above information, when you return to the main app screen display, you will see the network name change reflected in the network name display.

To note:  This operation only changes the custom name you assign to the network on the Fing App.
Alternatively, if you want to change just the name of the device that appears in “Device” tab, simply tap on device (in the device list) and enter a custom name; this will change the name of the device and not the network name.

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