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The Fing network scanning and management tool for home or small office environments gives you fast access to device information, network scans and real-time updates, ensures network protection and control of your internet devices, and doubles as a home monitoring unit.   Fing is available on both desktop and mobile devices,  and features are launched and managed from the Fing Dashboard.


Fing Plans

Fing offers three plans--Free, Starter, and Premium.   Depending on which Fing plan you selected, you have all or some of the Fing features.   For information on the different plan features, go to

Fing Features by Tier.

The knowledge base content describes all of the Fing features in the Premium plan, however, if you have a Free or Starter Plan, the features available to you will vary by plan.  Features unavailable to you are greyed out on your app.

 For more information on Fing and its history, go to Fing Company.


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