Create a Device Inventory

After you become familiar with the Fing Dashboard, you are ready to get more detailed information about your network.    You can display a continuously updated list of network devices and important details about each device and connectivity status, MAC and IP address, Device Name, Device Model, Operating System, and time last activity was detected.

Show Device List

Select Devices on the left navigation pane (Fing Desktop) or Overview - See devices (Fing Mobile) to display a full list of your network devices.

This examples shows a technical or full detailed view but you can vary the levels of information shown by changing the view icons as shown in the example.



Organize your device list by naming the devices on your network

Click on any device. The Device Details page is displayed. 

Click Edit device details.  The Add or change device details window is displayed.


Edit Device Desktop.gif



From the Add or Change Device Details page you can

  • Select a place: Add the location of the device. For example, a computer may be located in the study.
  • Enter name for your device: Call the device whatever you want. For example, Violet’s Work Phone.
  • Enter additional notes: Add notes for the device. For example, a phone may be due for an upgrade on a certain date.
  • Important: Flag a device. The device's router will automatically be flagged as important. The flagging system can then be used when you are filtering your device list.

Go to Device View for detailed information that you can find and edit on a specific device.

Create a Spreadsheet of Device Information

The device and network details are continuously updated but you can also create a printed spreadsheet of the information by selecting Network from the Dashboard left navigation pane, and then selecting Share to send a spreadsheet to your email as shown in this example.


Note: The Device details page on Fing Desktop provides more details than the Device Detail page on Fing Mobile App. There are also variations in terms and layout between Fing Desktop and Fing Mobile App.


Device List: Status Indicator

In the Devices page, there are status indicators (a dot icon) beside each device:

  • A green dot beside a device indicates that it is online
  • A blue dot beside a device indicates that it is new/was not seen on the network before

Device Details

  • Edit device details
    • Owner name: The name of the device's owner
    • Brand and Model: The brand name and type of device
  • Device type image: A thumbnail image that shows what type of device it is, such as mobile, laptop. Click this image to change assign a type to a device.
  • Device Status: This will tell you if a device is Online/Offline
  • Timeline: A timeline of the device being active on the network
  • Important: Flag a device. The device's router will automatically be flagged as important. The flagging system can then be used when you are filtering your device list.
  • Clear from device list: Remove device from the list of devices on your network

Network Setup

  • IP address: The numeric identifier assigned to the device on this network. Usually, the numeric identifier is temporary and can change over time. It is typically assigned by the DHCP service running on the Internet router.
  • MAC Address: This is the serial number of the device which is set when the device is made at the factory. Note that the MAC address of the device is only displayed if the model information is not available.
  • Serial No: A unique identification number on a device
  • First Seen: The first time a device was active on the network
  • Last Seen: The last time a device was active on the network


  • Brand Image: The logo for the device's brand
  • Brand: The device's brand names such as Huawei, Apple, MSI, Valve, Xiaomi
  • Family: The group of devices with the same fundamental architecture as the device
  • Model: The device's model such as p30, iPad, Steamdeck, Mi11
  • Release Date: When the device was released
  • End of life date/Discontinued since: The device's retirement date
  • Warranty: The period of time the device's company will pay for manufacturing issues
  • Price class: Whether the device is High, Medium or Low in price
  • Product class: Whether the device is Consumer or Enterprise
  • Popularity: How many times Fing has recognized that device, compared to other devices of the same type. For example, a high popularity for an iPhone or Samsung mobile phone compared to the Mobile category
  • Did we get it right?: Select the thumbs up icon if the device details are right and the thumbs down icon if the device details are wrong. This will help Fing continue to identify products.

Operating System

  • Brand Image
  • Brand: The brand name of the device
  • Name: The OS name, such as iOS
  • Version: The version number, such as Windows 11 Pro


  • DHCP Name and Params: The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol settings that allow you to set the parameters for how your modem assigns IP addresses to devices on your network.
  • Vendor: The company that sells the device.
  • Bonjour: Software on your devices that comes built-in with your OS, that allows for zero-configuration networking between different types of devices. You can use it to find other servers like yours on a network (for example, if you have an Apple server, you can find other Apple servers), connect to other devices like network printers, and access shared drives.
    • Name: Your computer's local hostname
    • Model: The kind of Bonjour software on your device
    • Services: What the Bonjour software on your device does

Manage this device

  • Events: When the device went online/offline
  • Remove device: Remove the device from the network
  • Ping: Check the response time of a device or website
  • Traceroute: Measure the transit delays across the network
  • Find Open Ports: Measure transit delays across your network
  • Wake on LAN: Wake up devices that have been set up to receive Wake-On-Lan packets
  • Pause: Set temporary limited access to the internet from a device
  • Block: Permanently block specific devices on your network
  • Assign to user: Set up users and assign them to devices

Notify me when state changes/Notifications


seful Resources: Video

Device Details: Video

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