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The Fing Dashboard

When you first launch the Fing Application, it automatically discovers and displays an at-a-glance view of your network, including product names, device status, security, link speed, changes, and other important and interesting information about your network. If not already selected, click Overview on the left navigation panel to display this screen.

In this example using the Fing desktop app, you can see at once that the general health of the network is good but the security level could be better. You can also see that Digiweb is the network provider with an upload speed of 77.6 Mbps and a download speed of 72.7 Mpbs.



Connectivity Report

From the Fing Dashboard, you can also view the overall well-being or health of your network.  To do so, select  Connectivity Report in the upper area of the dashboard window (Fing Desktop only).


The Connectivity Report provides a detailed connectivity status in real time for your network, for example, DNS, DHCP, and Gateway information,  whether it can access common destinations, as well as whether it passed or failed tests for good connectivity.  Go to Connectivity Report for more information on this report.

Explore More

After you become familiar with the dashboard, you can use the left navigation pane as a launch point for displaying detailed network information, for example, device, network, and user details, or to perform other diagnostics or network optimization tasks.

  • Select Check Security to learn more about the security of your network and devices.
  • Select See All Devices to see detailed information on your devices and get a full inventory of your devices.
  • Select Verify Speed to perform an Internet Speed test.
  • Select Manage Users to assign users to devices and track usage of Internet resources.


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