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How to find Edit profile

To find Edit profile on the Fing Web App:

  • Open Fing Desktop
  • From Overview, click your username at the bottom right of the page
  • Click Edit profile

Edit profile features

The Edit profile feature will take you to the Web App where you can make changes to your account including:

  • Your password, avatar and personal information, including your name and display name, company, job, and level of technology knowledge
  • Your notifications settings: The notifications' language, your timezone, email address, Fing's Newsletter and Content Updates, notifications about ISP outages and network events, how frequently you receive notifications, and digital presence stats
  • Your subscription: Choose one of three plans including the Free Fing App, Fing Starter and Fing Premium
  • Your connected devices: A list of the devices on your network. You can Rename or Delete any device you wish.
  • Manage your apps: Review the Apps that have access to your data

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