Connect 3rd Party Apps to Fing (Local API)

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What is Local API

The Local API feature allows users to connect third party apps to Fing Desktop in order to share information. Examples of such third party apps may include home assistant and smart homes. Users can link these apps to Fing Desktops to automate tasks and get information from scans to their apps.

Fing can run a local HTTP API. A local HTTP API detects the presence of devices and provides information about these devices. This information can be used for IoT integrations.

How to run HTTP API

To run a local HTTP API:

  • From Overview, click your username at the bottom left of the page
  • Click Preferences in the window that pops up. This will open another window called App preferences.
  • Click the Local API tab at the top of the window
  • Turn on the on/off switch beside Enable local API
  • Type the selected Port and API Key in the two search bars

Local API Video2.gif


Note: This feature is only available on Fing Desktop.

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