Damaged Files: Fing Desktop

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Fing desktop file is damaged on MAC

Upload .dmg installation file to cloud storage such as Onedrive, Dropbox etc, and run the installation from there.

If this does not work: once you removed the previous application, copy the folder from Dropbox into your applications Folder. Now try to run the installation from the file you copied from Dropbox.

Alternatively, confirm the following:

  • If you actually installed the file by dragging it into the Application folder
  • You tried to use the file without installing it
  • Are you using any Firewall or Antivirus such as Bitdefender or Norton?

If you are using Bitdefender or Norton complete the following steps:

  • Download a fresh version of the fing.dmg file
  • Turned off 'Safe File Protection' in Bitdefender/Norton Antivirus for Mac
  • Extract the DMG to the desktop and not the Applications folder
  • Once extracted, move the extracted file to the Applications folder and launch
  • Provide privileged access by entering admin credentials
  • Turn on Safe File Protection and trust the Fing Desktop application
  • Confirm that the latest version is now installed

If you are not using any Firewall or Antivirus, login to safe mode and install Fing desktop.


In addition, try the following links to resolve the issue:



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