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What is Fing?

The Fing App is a network scanning app. With the Fing app, you quickly and easily can identify who and what devices are on your network, and ensure your network is both healthy and safe. Fing is the number one free network scanner for Android and iOS, with over with over 35 million downloads.

Subscription Plans

There are three different subscription plans for Fing:

  • The Fing App, which is free to download
  • The Fing Premium subscription for Fing Mobile and Desktop, which has additional features, services and tools. Fing Premium has a monthly or annual fee.
  • The Fing Starter subscription, which gives you some of the Fing Premium features at a reduced cost. This fee is also monthly or annual.

Fing Premium

Fing Premium gives you additional features, services and tools.

Fing Premium improves the following features on your Fing App:

  • Automated Internet Speed Test: Schedules automated speed test to check Internet's speed over a selected period of time. Schedule up to 6 speed tests per day instead of one.
  • Event History: The history of the device's state changes. On the free Fing App, you can see the history of the device's state changes for the past 24 hours. See the complete history of the device's state changes instead of the past 24 hours.
  • Export Network: Fing will generate the export in Excel format and send it to you via email. Get a complete report instead of a sample report.
  • Health Check Report: Automatically checks your network setup and find incorrect configurations. This feature is more advanced on Fing Premium.
  • Timeline of Online Activity: Details of a user's online activity which can be filtered for 1 day, 7 days or 28 days, all of which is based on the digital presence device for a user.

Fing Mobile App

Fing Premium adds the following new features to your Fing Mobile App:

  • Alerts: Fing will identify and alert you when new devices have accessed your network since the last time you scanned your network
  • Autoblock device: Fing automatically blocks all unknown devices from your network
  • Device Block: Permanently block internet access for selected devices
  • Find Hidden Cameras: Find any hidden cameras on your network
  • Notifications: Get alerts, emails and push notifications alerts about unknown devices, when devices go offline and Internet outages in your area
  • Router Vulnerability Check: Find any open ports on your router and receive additional network health checks
  • Schedule Router Vulnerability Checks: Decide when Fing performs router vulnerability checks

Fing Desktop

Fing Premium adds all of the above features to the Fing Desktop App, with the addition of the following features:

  • Automated Router Vulnerability Check: Schedule automated router vulnerability checks over a specific period of time
  • DHCP Discovery: Discover DHCP servers to investigate and solve device connectivity issues
  • DNS Benchmark: Benchmark your DNS servers to find the optimal configuration
  • Internet Pause: Temporarily pause internet access for selected devices. For example, you can pause your child’s laptop’s access to the Internet for a temporary period of time.
  • Network monitoring: The Fing App refreshes the network discovery automatically every 5 minutes
  • Schedule Internet Pause: Set days and times to temporarily pause Internet access for selected devices

Learn more and download Fing Premium

  • Learn more about Fing Premium here
  • Purchase Fing Premium here

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