Fingbox Price

What is the price of Fingbox? The price of Fingbox network security and troubleshooting toolkit is very affordable. Fingbox costs $99 USD plus shipping and VAT charges where relevant. Purchasing the product also includes a lifetime subscription to the service. What does the Fingbox Price include? The cost includes Fingbox […]

Google Wi-Fi Compatibility

Does Fingbox work with Google WiFi? Yes, Fingbox is compatible with both a single Google Wi-Fi network. It also works with two Google Wi-Fi mesh networks. All features work perfectly. Compatibility with Google Wi-Fi Mesh Networks has been tested extensively by the team and all Fingbox features work great. Fingbox […]

How can I start Fing in interactive mode?

Windows On Windows, you can start interactive mode from fing shortcut in Start menu | Applications Alternatively, you may execute a Command-Line shell using Start menu | Execute and type cmd a Shell window will open, allowing you to enter the command: fing –interactive OS X Linux OpenWRT Raspberry Pi […]

How can I configure my system to run the FingKit as a Service?

Fing Kit requires a configuration file at this location: Windows: “%APPDATA%\Fing\conf\” Linux/Unix/OSx: “/etc/fing/” The file is created after the first execution of fing: enrichment.enabled=true license=TO_BE_EDITED_WITH_THE_PROPER_LICENSE_KEY output.folder=/var/data/fing/kit/ refresh.interval=3600000 rounds=0 Edit and insert your license ID. After that, you can set up your system. Windows The command-line interface of Fing is […]