How do I get software updates on Fingbox?

You will not be required to do anything to update your Fingbox. When the Fing team releases a software update it will automatically get pushed directly to your device. If it is a significant or exciting update we will communicate this to you.

Will Fingbox slow down or crash my network?

No, Fingbox should not slow down your network. This is because Fingbox is only passively monitoring the network: unless you pause/block devices or use ‘Bandwidth Analysis’, Fingbox is not sending any command to any device – it only periodically performs queries about network status (ARP, Bonjour, UPnP, NetBIOS, SNMP, etc). […]

Professional monitoring

Can Fingbox be used for monitoring in professional environments? Yes, Fingbox can be used for monitoring in professional environments. Though Fingbox was developed specifically for home networks we do have users that have chosen to use the device in professional environments, offices, and small business settings. To use Fingbox in […]

How many devices can Fingbox monitor?

Fingbox can monitor an unlimited number of devices. Fingbox’s network security and troubleshooting tools can handle any size network, so there is no limit at all to the number of devices Fingbox can work with. Whether you have 5 devices or 200 hundred, Fingbox will secure and troubleshoot every device […]

No Subscription Fee

Is there a subscription fee for Fingbox? Absolutely not. There is no subscription fee for the Fingbox network security toolkit. Part of our goal when making Fingbox was to provide a home network security toolkit for homeowners that was effective as well as affordable. Every home should be able to […]

Physical Monitoring Range

What is Fingbox’s physical monitoring range? Physical Monitoring Range Fingbox network security device connects directly to your home router, so its physical monitoring range will match that of your router. There is no limit to the number of devices which can be monitored, which means that even if you have […]

Fingbox Lifespan

Fingbox Lifespan: What is the lifespan of Fingbox? Fingbox network security toolkit has a 2-year warranty on hardware, but the typical lifespan of a tech product like this is between 5-10 years.

Where to buy Fingbox

Where can I buy Fingbox? To order in your country, please visit our website below and select your country. You will then be directed to our store where you can continue to make your purchase.