Fingbox Release Notes

Fingbox Release Notes This page covers the continuous updates we’re making to the Fingbox product. Watch this space and see how the product evolve. Fingbox Version 1.14.18 – 20th July 2020 –       Bug fixes on network discovery engine causing noise in some corner cases (related to Bonjour ‘goodbye’ packet not […]

Fing Security Principles

Fing Security Principles Security is our number one concern for any feature we implement. We have has adopted administrative, physical, and technical industry-standards (including encryption, firewalls, and SSL) to safeguard the security of our services and to protect the confidentiality of personally identifiable information. When designing and developing our solution […]

Returns and Refunds

Returns and Refunds – Fing RMA Policy If you are unsatisfied with your purchase of a new Fing device (the “Product”) purchased from, you may be entitled to Return Merchandise Authorization under the terms of this Fing RMA Policy (the “Policy”). 1.        RMA Applicability 1.1          To qualify for a […]


FING Limited Warranty Fing warrants to the original purchaser (the “Customer”) of its Fing devices (the “Product”), under the terms of this Limited Warranty Policy (this “Limited Warranty, or this “Warranty”), from defects in materials and workmanship encountered on the Fing device, under normal use as defined by the terms […]

New Gateaway Alerts & Accepting Trusted Gateways

A gateway is a device that routes traffic between two separate networks. The best example of a gateway within your home network is your router. This acts as a gateway between your own personal network and your broadband provider’s network. So when you receive an alert from your Fingbox that […]

Firmware Version

Firmware Version To see the firmware version currently running on the Fingbox, open the app. Click on ‘Home’ tab Expand the Fingbox functionality view (click on the arrow beside the Fingbox name at the top of the display) Click on the ‘Gear’ icon in the top right hand corner The […]

Move Fingbox to a New Network

To move your Fingbox to a new network, follow these simple steps: Click on the ‘Home‘ tab Choose ‘All Networks’ (under the ‘Scan for devices’ button) screen which contains a list of all your networks. Choose the Network with the Fingbox and hold down your finger an option to ‘Deactivate’ […]

Can I have more than 1 Fingbox on the same network?

You can have 2 Fingboxes on the same network. However, they won’t act as ‘range extenders’ for each other for the DigitalFence feature – you would have to access the different boxes to see what is appearing on their own DigitaFence feature.  To see more information on how to do […]