New look Fingbox FAQ’s

Question:  How does the new look Fingbox differ from the original Fingbox? There are currently no new features on the new look Fingbox as opposed to the original Fingbox. Both Fingbox versions operate on the same software. See below the main differences between the original Fingbox & the new look […]

NEW Mobile Internet Speed Test

In January 2019, in our continued effort to improve, we have launched a free Mobile Internet Speed Test to the Fing App features. What does the New Mobile Internet Speed Test do? “Measuring the bandwidth and latency of an Internet connection against a server.” The data rate is evaluated in […]

Google Assistant: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to have a Google Account for using Fing Assistant?  Answer:  Currently, it works with the Google account and Facebook account or just Fing Account. But to open the Fing Assistant, you need to have a Google Assistant installed. If you don’t have a Fing Account, it will create for you automatically.         What can the Fing Assistant do?  Answer:  It can […]

Google Assistant: Adding Routines

Initially, you will need to download the Google Home App if you have Google Home supported devices or you can use Google Assistant App.   Once completed, please take the following steps: Click on the ’Avatar’ icon in the bottom tab and visit your Account.    Click on Settings, then select the Assistant tab:    Now […]

Google Assistant: Commands List

You have signed up for Google Assistant with Fing and have attached your Fingbox. You now want to try some Fing commands! See below a list of commands you can use to get the most out of the Fing Assistant. First, Activate the Google Assistant by saying: ‘Ok Google’ and then say: […]

Google Assistant: Sign Up

To sign up for Google Assistant, you will need to ensure that Google Assistant is installed on the device. For Android devices, it will be in-built by default. For other devices, please use this link to download Google Assistant: Or (For all available operating systems) After downloading the Google […]

Can I change the Network display name?

Yes. You can change the network display name in “Network” tab. Click on your “Network” tab Tap on the header where the name of your internet provider is displayed: A screen will open that allows you to enter a custom name.  The name entered will be the name it appears […]

How do I remove BSSID’s?

To remove BSSID’s please follow the steps below: Click on your “Network” tab Click on the ‘home’ icon in the top right hand corner of the screen Scroll down to ‘Access Points’. Here you will find the list of BSSID’s and the possibility to remove them.


IFTTT FAQ’s  I have signed up with my Google account/Facebook account on Fingbox, can I still use them?  Answer:  Yes you can still use them    Is IFTTT free of charge?  Answer: Yes, both IFTTT and IFTTT linked to Fingbox is free of charge.     How can I unlink IFTTT from my Fing account?  Answer: please visit    How do I […]

IFTTT Policies v Fing Policies

IFTTT Policies v Fing Policies   IFTTT policy: To run your Applets, IFTTT need to store tokens that grant them limited access to the accounts you are connect to IFTTT. They only access your service accounts when it’s necessary to run the Applets you’ve enabled.  When you sign up for IFTTT, we ask for certain information like your email address and […]