Fing Desktop FAQ’s

Question: How do I get the most up to-date version of the Fing App? As soon as an updated version of the Fing Desktop is released, simply open Fing Desktop to get an auto-update and enjoy the latest version. Please note that the automatic update may take up to 8 […]

Creating a Fing account

In order to use Fing Desktop, you will firstly need to create a free Fing account. How to create a free Fing account To set up a Fing account via the Mobile App: Click on the cog icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen Click SIGN IN at […]

What can Fing Desktop do?

The main function of Fing Desktop is to help troubleshoot your network in a more powered and accurate way than the current Fing mobile app by offering better troubleshooting tools & functionalities to help achieve this. Here some of the new features available on the Fing Desktop: ‘Health Check Report’: […]

Intro to Fing Desktop

At Fing, our mission is to become the de-facto smart-home technical advisor, present in every home. We want to help empower consumers to troubleshoot and solve everyday problems, gain control of their environment and enable a more intelligent digital home. As you know, currently we offer our users the following […]

Can the Fingbox monitor multiple/guest networks?

No. The Fingbox can only monitor a single network, hence it cannot monitor guest networks or any multiples of networks. Guest Network is separate from the main network and creates a separate network gateway so none of the devices from the guest network can access the main network. Fingbox can only manage […]

Changing E-mail Address Associated with Fingbox/Fing Account

How do I change the e-mail address associated with my Fingbox/Fing Account? We understand that for varying reasons people may need to change their e-mail address, e.g. changing jobs, setting up a shared account or maybe just ‘starting a fresh’. To accommodate this, please see below instructions on how to […]

iOS 13 & Fing App

Apple’s iOS 13 was launched in 201). You are able to sign into your Fing account using “Sign in with Apple” leveraging Touch ID and Face ID, and use the Fing’s dark mode directly from the phone settings. You’ll also notice that Fing App will request location permissions to continue […]

Will the Fing App work on Android 10?

Android 10 is coming soon, and Fing is ready for it. Among the changes, please note that devices running on Android 10 by default send randomised MAC addresses on each WiFi they connect and block access to the table of MAC addresses, and this limits Fing App’s ability to display […]