IFTTT FAQ’s  I have signed up with my Google account/Facebook account on Fingbox, can I still use them?  Answer:  Yes you can still use them    Is IFTTT free of charge?  Answer: Yes, both IFTTT and IFTTT linked to Fingbox is free of charge.     How can I unlink IFTTT from my Fing account?  Answer: please visit  https://app.fing.io/app#user:auth    How do I […]

IFTTT Policies v Fing Policies

IFTTT Policies v Fing Policies   IFTTT policy: To run your Applets, IFTTT need to store tokens that grant them limited access to the accounts you are connect to IFTTT. They only access your service accounts when it’s necessary to run the Applets you’ve enabled.  When you sign up for IFTTT, we ask for certain information like your email address and […]

How do I manually create an Applet in IFTTT?

Firstly, you have to sign in with the IFTTT account by going to URL: https://ifttt.com   Click on the account name, this will give you a list of options. Click ‘New Applet’.  Once you click on ‘New Applet’, you will get a screen for ‘If this then that’. Click on ‘this’ part, which will take you to list of […]

IFTTT Sign-up

  In Order to Sign up for IFTTT. Please visit https://ifttt.com You can either Sign In directly via Facebook or Google account or create a new account. You can also use your existing account with IFTTT.  If you are signing in for first time, you must complete an onboarding process. You will see an […]