Interactive mode

The interactive mode will guide you through Fing tools with a step-by-step procedure. Fing is a command-line tool, and you would need to provide a (possibly long) list of arguments to specify your settings. In the interactive mode, the tool itself will guide through the available features and configurations, from […]

Can I run other Fing CLI command as service?

Yes. Below are some explanations. Windows Change the option ‘–kit “%APPDATA%\Fing\conf\”’ with those you need as explained in this section. OS X Follow these steps: Copy the plist file sudo cp /usr/local/lib/fing/launchd/com.fing.fingkit.FingKit.plist \ /Library/LaunchDaemons The plist file has been designed to run the kit. You have to edit the option in […]

Internet Speed Test

The Internet Speed Test is designed to give you visibility over the quality of the Internet your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is delivering. Where to Find the Internet Speed Test To access the Internet Speed test click on the Network tab in the middle at the bottom. Scroll down to […]

Internet Pause

What is the Fingbox Internet Pause feature? The Fingbox Internet Pause feature acts in a similar way to the Fingbox Device Block feature, allowing you to block the Internet from reaching a device or a user. However, instead of cutting off access to the entire network, Internet Pause still allows […]

NEW: KRACK Attack Detection Feature

KRACK Attack Detection Feature The Fingbox Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS) is able to detect Evil Twin Access Points, which is a fundamental part of detecting and stopping KRACK attacks. This feature also enables Fingbox to alert you about many other types of attack which leverage Evil Twin Access Points. You […]

Internet Connection Security Check

Internet Connection Security Check Networks are filled with entry points, and because of this, they are extremely easy to hack. The problem most homeowners face when securing their network is a lack of visibility of where these vulnerabilities are. How can you remove a weakness when you don’t even know […]

Digital Presence

Fingbox’s Digital Presence feature enables you to monitor the presence of the people in your home or office. Using this feature, you can set up user profiles and assign devices to your users. Where Can I Find the Digital Presence Feature? The Digital Presence feature can be found under the People tab […]

What can Fingbox do

What can Fingbox do From Internet troubleshooting to Network Security, there are a lot of helpful things that your Fingbox can do. Create users for your family members and assign the devices they use like mobile phones, tablets, and computers, so that you can track who is at home and […]